Brand Spotlight: Cake Clothing

You have probably noticed our colourful collection of CAKE clothing in store this season, and if you are a lover of linen and cotton - you may already own a few pieces. These bohemian inspired designs are made for the adventurous at heart, with flowing silhouettes crafted from soft, natural fibres that leave you feeling beautiful, worldly and vibrant. We caught up with the owner of the label to find out a little more about the latest collection.


First things first, we have to ask; what’s the story behind CAKE’S brand name?

It’s certainly distinctive, isn’t it! When first creating the brand, our original designer wanted something playful and unique. At the time she was listening to the band Cake, and thought it was a great name – who doesn’t like Cake? Anyway, we ran with it and it has served us well. People find it easy to remember!


You work almost exclusively with natural fibres such as linen and cotton - what is it that makes these materials so important to the collection?

We love working with natural fibres and it’s something our customers tell us they love too! Cotton and linen are breathable fabrics and so are lovely to wear on those hot summer days. We focus exclusively on these fabrications as we like to keep things as simple and natural as possible. 


Vibrant colours are definitely stealing the spotlight this season - What advice would you give women who are wanting to incorporate colour into their otherwise neutral wardrobe?

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour! A splash of colour can lift any outfit (and your mood) and we try to offer a range of prints to suit a variety of complexions. Our prints can appear overwhelming if all placed side by side, but mix them back with denim, neutrals, or plain block colours and you will find many people can wear them. As the weather warms up, we find many customers love the light weight, breathable fabrications and the bright colours play well in summer! 


You have spoken a little about the colour and energy of India being a big inspiration behind the collection, tell us more about those elements that you draw inspiration from.

All our manufacturing takes place in India and we have a great working relationship with our team there. Unfortunately we have not visited since 2020 (for obvious reasons), but usually our annual trips provide inspiration and deepen our connection with the country. Our visits to the factory, to the printers and to the fabric markets seem to set off something in our brains that really helps the creative design process. Simply being in India exposes us to a different energy and we feel that somehow that energy makes its way into our designs. I know that sounds a little wacky, but that’s how it feels to us! 


Your label is so well loved and only seems to be growing every season. What is in store for CAKE in 2023?

We have been thrilled with the feedback we have been receiving from our collections in recent years and the number of stores asking to become stockists is very exciting! The brand changed creative directors in 2018 and since then has become very focused on delivering inspired and unique ranges in shapes we know our customers know and love. We are currently working on our Summer 2023 collection and are looking forward to welcoming a number of new stockists on board! 

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